About Broken Rail

Hello my name is Larry and I spent most of my working career with the Canadian Pacific Railway from November 1965 until November 2002 when I retired disability pension this was due to an accident while on a bus tour of North and South Dakota in November 2000. There was a bad winter storm and we had just left Buffalo, North Dakota when the bus rolled over and I ended up head first into the luggage carrier, the results left me quadraplegic hence the name Broken/rail this ended my career on the CPR, the last 22 years working as a locomotive engineer in Alberta, Saskatchewan, and British Columbia. Over my working career I also worked as a jackhammer operator for a paving company, a plumber gasfitter pipefitter apprentice, a warehouseman and an apprentice miller at Pillsbury Canada Ltd’s flour mill located at 4002 Bonnybrook Road,In the summer of 1972 I worked as a yardman for Alberta Phoenix Pipe and Tube Ltg and was located south of the Ogden Shops Were the pibe mill manufactured 36 inch pipe Our job was to Load the five on flat cars.TMost. This and my railway career as a tinsmith apprentice, yardman, yard foreman, trainman, baggageman, conductor, car retarder operator, yard master, locomotive fireman, and locomotive engineer. My hobbies are collecting railway pocket watches, clocks. Railway labor memorabilia from the Brotherhood Of Locomotive Engineers, Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen, Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen & Enginemen, Order of Railway Conductors, Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen, Switchmen’s Union of North America, and the Order of Railroad Telegraphers.

I have been married for 29 years to my dear wife Anita I have two step sons from her previous marriage. They are Colin and Cory, through Colin and his wife Karin I have been blessed as a grandfather to Ella aged 11 years, and a grandson Hanson 8 years. We live on a small acreage between Okotoks and High River. It’s located in a pretty valley with a creek flowing through it, we have lots of wildlife deer, coyotes, raccoons, muskrats, and numerous wild fowl. We have 1 donkey Nowlollipop, and One cat Squeaky, most.