Posted on 16-12-2011
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On Monday, February 25 we made our usual trip with Lead unit 8628 the locomotive engineer was Paul Panko, working off the spare board, I had worked with Paul before in the yard, a jovial good-natured character who  loved to smoke cigars, Paul lived in Ogden and I knew he collected Studebaker cars he had over 100 of them in the storage yard of by Shepard. He hated anything made by General Motors because they built all the diesel locomotives that caused him to be laid off when they replaced steam locomotives. Fred Foulston was the conductor we were called for  08:00 out of Alyth and arrived at Wimborne  18:45we were  off duty at  20:00. On Tuesday February 26 we were on duty 07:00 departed 10:00 we arrived and were off duty at East Coulee 20:40. On Wednesday February 27we were on duty at 05:45 arrived and where off duty at Alyth 16:25.

What made this trip memorable was years later I met a retired CPR employee John Sutherland who happened to be out that day on February 26 when we arrived at East Coulee, it was around twilight time and he shot these following photos. One of the abandoned station, and a shot of us approaching East Coulee where the track ran below a cliff that was a bad area for slides, I am sitting in the cupola of the caboose. The other shot was taken further to the west.

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