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Trip two on the Zone 2 Wayfreight February 15, 1974, we were ordered out of Alyth at 08:45 with Charlie Mock as the conductor, as John was off for miles, we had a spare brakeman who I let work the tailend, as I preferred working on the headend, the day went much the same as Wednesday’s trip east, spotting elevators and, switching cars at Shepard, Bassano, and Brooks we worked a little longer that day having to make a quick trip 14 miles east to Mile 52.9 at Tilly to service the Alberta Wheat Pool elevators not tieing up until 21:45, Saturday was a different situation, this assignment worked six days a week and Saturday was the day to get home as early as we could as the weekend at home were short enough as it was. We went to work at 06:45 after a quick breakfast we did the necessary switching at Brooks and were out of their by 08:30 we were traveling very light with just a small train and were back at Alyth and off duty at 11:45

I enjoyed my four days working this assignment, it was quite exciting and more fast-paced than working the branch lines in Saskatchewan, where there were only two trains involved, this was high-speed mainline railroading, you really have to be on your toes watching out for the schedule’s of the many priority trains and passengers on this busy fast subdivision, with all its work to do between the 104.3 miles from Ogden to Brooks, of course the idea of having these mainline Wayfreight’s was to alleviate through freights from having to do these tasks and delaying operations on the subdivision, the pay was very good, we were paid for the actual miles run, plus all time spent switching at junctions, and turnaround points at a rate of 12.5 mph, so all time at Shepard which was a junction with the Strathmore Sub, Gleichen where the Strathmore Subdivision joined the Brooks Sub, Bassano that was a junction with the Irricana, and Bassano Subdivisions, and Brooks that was our home away terminal, and Tilly that was a turnaround point.

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