The alarm went off at 05:00 and it was the start of another busy day, after breakfast we gathered up some of our LPG empties and went back down to McNeill to give them another full switch repeating much that we did Tuesday morning, then we went back to Burstall switch out the empty potash hoppers, along with one empty boxcar that we needed for the Ingebright Lake spur at Fox Valley, we had a quick coffee break and departed southbound to Fox Valley arriving at 12:45 we stopped for a lunch break, Charlie had made us sandwiches, some soup, and a salad. Then Harold and I uncoupled our empty potash hoppers from the caboose, and left Charlie to cook our supper, we arrived at Ingebright Lake at 13:30 once again the winter winds had drifted in all track switches, so we had a lot of shovelling and sweeping to do to clean out the siding switch, and crossovers. The layout at Ingebright Lake’s potash plant was configured like this for main line ran up to a Bag Loading warehouse that had room for seven box cars, beside the warehouse was the Bulk Loading track where the hoppers would go above the Bulk Loading track was a 24 car capacity Hi Line that the empty potash hoppers could be spotted, and the loaders could move them to the loadout using gravity, when loaded they could run them down a 24 car siding located adjacent to the main line. When we arrived we would pull our empties out the mainline, and use a crossover located below the loadout and tie on to the loaded hoppers that had been run down below the loadout, first checking for blue flags, we would then shove all loads down through the siding and out on to the main line, we would then tie it on to our empties and shove the empty hoppers up past the loadout on to the Hi Line, the boxcar was than spotted at the Bag Loading warehouse, we would then go down the main and pull our loads back up into the siding, and run around them, then head back to Fox Valley, were we turned our units on the Wye put train together and retired to the caboose for another one on Charlie’s home-cooked meals, we then returned to Burstall put our train away, gave McNeill another switch, and called it a night around 22:30.

CPR Burstall Subdivision from Time Table No. 81, April 29, 1973
Burstall Subdivision 1973

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