In this photograph on the left side we can see the steel framework of the No.1 Car Shop with some service cars in the foreground, they were probably being used for offices and lunchrooms for the workers. This is where I would have went to serve part of my apprenticeship, they repaired cabooses and built service cars which involved a lot of sheet-metal work. In the middle we can see the fence on the eastern side of the property. And on the right side we can see the south end of the Planning Mill. The track, where the service cars are standing later became the Rip Track, Rip stands for “Repair in place” and was used for light repairs that could be done outside the Car Shop. The Farm is tracks in the yard north of the Car Shop; they were used for cutting up obsolete rolling stock, destined for the scrap yard. You can see this in the photograph of cars being cut up with a torch that I have posted above. I also posted a picture of a Royal Hudson heading for the scrap line.
The Farm photo by Walter Kot
Royal Hudson, 2864

Photos of farm and Royal Hudson, 2864 by Walter Kot

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