Jack Kerouac – October on the Railroad Earth

“How often do I remember my wonder at the slow grinding movement and squeal of gigantic boxcars and flats and gons rolling by with that overpowering steel dust crenching closh and clack of steel on steel…And if you’re riding out on such a freight train you see all the lil homes and in the evening people sipping in living rooms open to the sweetness, the stars, the hope that lil children must see when they lay in little beds and bedtime and look up and a star throbs for them above the railroad earth, and the train calls, ah me, I wish I was a little child in a crib in a little sweet house with my parents sipping in the living room with their picture window pointing out on the little backyard of lawn chairs and the fence, the stars above, the pure dry golden smelling night, and just beyond a few weeds and blocks of wood, and rubber tires, bam the main line of the ole SP and the train flashing by, toom, tboom, the great crash of the black engine, then the long snake freighttrain and all the numbers and all the whole thing flashing by, gcrachs, thunder, the world is going by all of it finally terminated by the sweet little caboose with its brown smoky light inside where old conductor bends over waybills, and the rear markers, red, and the whole thing all gone howling around the bend and the stars bend to it, the whole world’s coming to bend with the big engine booms and balls by, and wow there’s just no end to all this wine.”

  • Railroad pocket watches made by: Hamilton, Ball, Waltham, Illinois.
  • Railway station clocks; Seth Thomas
  • Brotherhood memorabilia from the; American Railway Union, Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers, Order of Railway Conductors, Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen and Enginemen, Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen, Switchmen’s Union of Northern America, and the Order of Railroad Telegraphers.